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Our Blog: March 8, 2024

Join Us Now, Stay All Summer

At our Montessori school, our year-round schedule blends seamlessly into our summer program. So, the countdown has begun for us to launch a new mission to Explore the Cosmos!

The Journey

Get ready for an interactive, intergalactic adventure to learn all about the universe. Your child will have the opportunity to become a curious space explorer this summer as we gaze beyond Earth and travel through the stars, planets, and galaxies on an exciting fact-finding tour.

Children will use their senses to expand their knowledge and understand their place in the world. The materials and topics we will explore are engaging, hands-on, and rooted in open-ended sensory experiences that let them create, wonder, and make discoveries.

They will develop essential skills, boost self-confidence, learn new things, build independence, and embrace creativity. And we’ll have lots of fun too! Children will enjoy a variety of themed stories, songs, music, books, movements, and activities related to the skies above our eyes.

Peace of Mind

We maintain an authentic Montessori experience in all we do—from trained guides to carefully curated natural materials to the Prepared Environment with authentic Montessori materials and a self-guided approach to learning. Each child is encouraged to follow their natural interests to personalize the experience. Plus, we provide:

  • Healthy meals and snacks inspired by the cosmos
  • A clean, secure facility designed to keep them safe
  • Fresh air in our outdoor environment, including water play
  • In-house field trips and special guests to extend learning

Stay Connected

We don’t want you to miss seeing the joy this program will bring your child! You will get real-time updates as we Explore the Cosmos through Montessori Compass, plus access to live streaming video.

Space is limited. Secure your child’s enrollment today!