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Our Blog: July 7, 2023

Montessori Summer Explorations

If you’re not already spending your summer with us, we’d love to have you!

Your local neighborhood Montessori school offers year-round programs, including summertime-inspired themes within the relaxing, stimulating, prepared environment you’ve already grown to love. During the summer, children continue their authentic Montessori journey to develop self-confidence, learn new skills, and gain independence.

Let’s Explore Our World together.

This year, in addition to enjoying our outdoor spaces with gardening and water play, we’re focusing on developing creativity and strengthening academic skills by exploring and visiting new countries from the comfort of our classrooms. A wide variety of academic and sensorial studies are offered daily.

What types of things are children doing?

Children will look at our world through the lens of different types of explorers:

  • Archeologists: Students study cultures through the things people made, used, and left behind, including famous art and landmarks.
  • Anthropologists: They’ll read stories, listen to music, and play sports or games of the country.
  • Cartographers: As budding map makers, children explore and study the animals of the continents (Zoologists) and how they live and interact within their unique habitats. This is always a favorite activity in our Montessori Primary classroom!

The experience concludes with a World’s Fair!

Explorations of culture abound in every part of the classroom! Here’s a little glimpse at what you might discover as you walk around to observe displays of the children’s work:

  • You might see a map piece of Sweden carefully pin-poked from colored or patterned paper and glued in just the right place over a water-colored ocean as part of a map of Europe.
  • There are rugs filled with animal matching works or word-building (spelling) activities.
  • Pages that display parts of the camel (Egypt) or parts of the peacock (India) are carefully aligned and stapled to form a book.
  • Students and their teacher work together to prepare a special snack such as Dorayaki (Japan). 

Our summer program aims to go deeper with social science and cultural works, introduce children to the man-made and natural wonders of our world, and expand their exposure to different ways of studying the planet—all while taking advantage of the slower pace of summer.

Here are some pictures from our Montessori friends to give you a visual of the different types of experiences and activities including animal matching, cooking, map making, rainforest exploration, gardening, and more!