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Embracing Our Unique Contributions

Throughout our school communities, we share a commitment to fostering a culture where differences are valued and interactions are free of bias. At our Montessori schools, we guide children on a path of authentic self-discovery making it important to honor unique identities, abilities, backgrounds, and points of view. It’s part of fulfilling a vow we’ve made to make a difference and have a positive impact. We want our faculty, teachers, and support staff, as well as each parent and child in our care, to be comfortable sharing their authentic self.

That’s why it is important for us to ensure a wide range of diverse voices are recognized and represented. Together, we work hard to celebrate diversity, embrace our community, and create a sense of belonging where everyone thrives.

In the Classroom

Here, children are free to discover their true potential, at their own pace. As part of our mission to cultivate a welcoming community, our educators and caregivers model kindness and empathy. Every child deserves to feel safe, represented, and accepted in an inclusive environment that includes:

  • Diverse classrooms, vital to learning.
  • Engaging, educational experiences.
  • A prepared environment that reflects our diverse communities.

To accomplish that commitment and acknowledge our vital role in shaping the next generation, we are proud to embrace Reflecting Our Communities™, a program about the diversity of the world around us. Through this initiative, we will creatively share different perspectives and talk about the importance of respecting the unique qualities of each person and family.

Reflecting Our Communities includes two primary intentions:

  1. Encouraging children to share their family culture and traditions with each other.
  2. Sharing the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

In our classrooms, we’ll accomplish this educational exploration in a few ways:

  • Engaging, collaborative activities
  • Visual artwork and photo cards
  • Intentional use of music selections

In the Workplace

Our strength comes from the diversity of our team members and their unique perspectives. Our parent company, Learning Care Group, takes great pride in cultivating and supporting a work culture where inclusiondiversity, and equality are valued as a fundamental layer of our success.

It’s a philosophy infused at every level, supported by education and diverse training opportunities  ensuring  that our commitment to honor unique identities, abilities, backgrounds, and points of view reaches our children, their families, our educators, and support staff.

Together, we will have great impact.