About Montessori Unlimited

What Matters to Us

Curly hair girl playing with paper on table

Independent. Exploratory. Creative. Inspiring.

There’s nothing quite like the authentic Montessori philosophy of learning, and nothing quite like the results it yields. At Montessori Unlimited, unique learning tools, just the right amount of guidance, plenty of independence, and lots of social interaction all feed into the trademark Montessori self-directed educational process.

We offer a unique way to learn. The personal interests of each child are embraced, celebrated, and nurtured. At Montessori Unlimited, self-direction and self-discipline lead to self-discovery.

In our schools, tangible experiences are designed to stimulate each child’s curiosity and provide an optimum learning experience. Children work at their own pace and choose their own activities. They work alone or in groups, when older children share knowledge and get younger children excited about learning. Encouraging children to work together, with each others’ best interests in mind, builds social skills and challenges them to learn.

Our method is sound. Our goal is simple: Helping your child prepare for the future.

Montessori Unlimited. Where self-discovery happens.