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Our Montessori programs.

Authentic Experiences for Every Age

Programs at our Montessori schools are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Montessori Method. From the beginning, our experienced teachers prepare children to be focused, independent, and innovative learners, as well as responsible, respectful, and mindful individuals.

Programs for Every Age

Elective Classes

Extracurricular opportunities, for an additional fee, introduce your child to experiences beyond their regular curriculum. They’ll discover unique opportunities in subjects such as chess, athletics, music, and more.

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Montessori Summer Camp

Join us for our Montessori summer program, featuring fun, educational experiences for a variety of ages. We keep children engaged and involved throughout the season.

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Healthy Choices, Active Lifestyles

Montessori Unlimited is commited to the complete well-being of your growing child. We're proud to promote healthy living, fitness, and nutrition through this unique initiative.

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Montessori Research and Resources

There are a number of Montessori organizations with extensive knowledge and understanding of the authentic Montessori Method. These online resources offer insights and education into true Montessori experiences for curious families.​

​American Montessori International/USA

AMI/USA is the U.S. branch of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the oldest, worldwide organization to champion the Montessori method, recognized as the leading authority on Montessori education.

The Montessori Foundation

The Montessori Foundation is an independent source of assistance, encouragement, and support to the international Montessori community. The Foundation also publishes the Montessori-themed magazine, Tomorrow's Child.

National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

The Center supports a robust network of practitioners, researchers, parents, and leaders committed to Maria Montessori’s vision of education and development of the child’s potential.

American Montessori Society Research Library

The AMS Research Library offers Montessori-related resources and high-quality research to educators and researchers. Their hope is to encourage new research to strengthen existing knowledge of Montessori.