Our Programs and Curriculum

Putting the Montessori Philosophy into Practice

Girl pouring beakers of water

At Montessori Unlimited, we offer a unique, open environment that emphasizes your child’s natural interests and allows your child to set his or her own developmental pace.

The Montessori education journey all began with Dr. Maria Montessori. Through scientific observations, she determined children learn best at their own pace and given the choice of activities. At Montessori Unlimited, the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning is the most important thread across all our programs:

Each program builds on the one before it, providing challenges appropriate to both age and skill levels. Language, mathematics, spatial learning, self-discovery, music, and art are all incorporated into our approach. In addition, we offer enrichment programs to enhance learning and Summer Camp to continue Montessori learning during the summer.

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Montessori Unlimited. Where self-discovery happens.