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Montessori Summer Program

Get ready to launch an intergalactic adventure! Join us as we become curious space scientists to gaze beyond Earth and Explore the Cosmos. Children will use their senses and natural wonder to expand their knowledge about the universe and understand their unique place in it.

Register now to secure your child’s spot before the seasonal journey begins. Through guided, hands-on activities, children will learn all about the sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies, astronauts, and more. And they’ll do it in style with an exclusive Explore the Cosmos T-shirt too.

Lifelong benefits.

Using practical applications and authentic Montessori materials, children gain important foundational knowledge about our planet and the solar system. They’ll develop self-confidence, learn new skills, build independence, embrace creativity, and strengthen academics.

Special guests and experiences.

Children will love our interactive program of weekly fact-finding missions in the classroom. Montessori guides share unique stories, songs, books, and engaging explorations. We also plan in-house and virtual field trips to add more depth to our quest.

Seasonal opportunities.

Explore the Cosmos also includes daily time spent in our school’s outdoor environment. Children will get plenty of fresh air, play games, splash in the water, enjoy picnics, and more.

Love it here? Stay for fall too! Our summer program blends seamlessly into the year-round Montessori schedule.

Safe, secure classrooms.

Your peace of mind is everything. Our Montessori guides practice rigorous protocols to ensure your child’s health, safety, and happiness. Their well-being is our priority. Trust that they’ll be in good hands during every season of learning.

Healthy meals and snacks.

We share authentic culinary delights inspired by the universe and planet Earth. Broccoli trees anyone? With our Grow Fit® program, you’ll be confident your child is eating nutritious foods, getting lots of physical activity, and building healthy habits.

Digital updates.

Stay connected to each adventure with online access to regular updates, photos, and special highlights. Ask about live streaming video too! We’ll keep you connected, no matter where your day takes you. 

Enroll today.

Find your neighborhood school and schedule a tour. Register soon to save your spot and we’ll see you for an out-of-this-world experience!