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Our Blog: March 7, 2023

Thank You for Supporting Our Teachers

We couldn’t do it without you!

We truly appreciate your family’s continued partnership as we support our teachers with enhanced professional development opportunities. Our company-wide, bi-annual Teacher In-Service Days (TISD) are an important aspect of the care we provide because we invest in comprehensive training, tools, and instruction for all our teachers. TISD is designed to further enhance their professional knowledge and capabilities while emphasizing safety and security, classroom technology, and educational strategies. 

Capable. Caring. Committed.

This year's Winter TISD gave staff the opportunity to learn new skills and understand the importance of emotionally supportive relationships and positive interactions. Here are the key behaviors discussed:

Understanding the Power of Emotionally Supportive Relationships: Recognizing when a child is trying to communicate through their behavior and work to understand their needs by:

  • Using the Respond, Reframe, Reinforce approach
  • Getting to know each child on a personal level
  • Interacting with respect, enthusiasm, and passion

Impacting Children’s Learning through Positive Interactions: Turn everyday situations into powerful opportunities to learn by:

  • Being present in the moment and focused on that individual child
  • Connecting with each child to get to know them as individuals
  • Using strategies to extend individual children’s learning

Certified Montessori Guide Master Class: Create a strong coaching culture in their schools by:

  • Developing trust
  • Connecting
  • Giving feedback

 Over the next few months, you will see each of these key takeaways at work in your child's school to positively impact the promise we deliver to you and your family every day.