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Our Blog: March 2, 2023

Plan Ahead for Spring, Summer, and Fall

As we enter the final weeks of winter, we’re excited to embrace the next season of possibility within our Montessori classrooms. February marked the end of Priority Registration for our current families and now we’re eager to meet new friends!

March brings open enrollment for new families to secure placements for summer and fall. It’s such an exciting time of year with so many opportunities for growth, including:

  • Spring Family-Teacher Conferences
  • Spring Break camp
  • Kindergarten information sessions
  • Summer traditions and transitions

Explore Our World

Our Montessori schedule continues year-round this summer as we take a deeper dive into geography and cultures across the globe. During the Explore Our World program, your child will make discoveries and experience unique opportunities each week designed to strengthen their knowledge, confidence, and natural skills. We’ll encourage children to use their senses and natural curiosity to become travel experts within our classrooms to explore:

  • Continents and countries
  • Cultures and traditions
  • Landmarks and maps
  • Animals and artwork
  • Games from around the world

Leave the planning to us! Our program also includes:

  • Healthy meals and snacks accented with international culinary delights
  • In-house field trip experiences to extend learning
  • Natural Montessori materials and spaces 
  • Daily time in our outdoor environment, plus gardening and water play

You’ll be able to watch it all unfold and keep up with your child’s travels through Montessori Compass. We’ll use our online portal to share regular updates and special highlights.

The journey continues in the fall! Our summer program merges seamlessly into our year-round Montessori program to engage your child with our authentic approach to learning and independent skill development. March is the perfect time to tell your friends to join us so they can see and feel the Montessori difference!

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