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Our Blog: July 1, 2022

Art is Everywhere This Summer

Are you spending your summer with us? We’d love to have you! Your neighborhood Montessori school offers year-round programs, including summertime-inspired themes within the relaxing, stimulating, prepared environment you’ve already grown to love. During the summer, children can continue their authentic Montessori journey to develop self-confidence, learn new skills, and gain independence.

This year, in addition to enjoying our beautiful outdoor space with gardening and water play, we’re focusing on developing creativity and strengthening academic skills by exploring the fine arts. A wide variety of artist studies and the fundamental elements of visual arts guide classroom conversations as we learn about different art mediums, artists, artistic movements, and creative expression.

The Montessori summer experience will culminate with an Art Fair.

Artistic skills are being utilized in unique, engaging ways everywhere within our d environment. The intentional setting provides a natural foundation for our students to design and share their own incredibly creative works—those conceived from their own visions and imagination.

Looking around, you might see a map piece of North America carefully pin-poked from orange construction paper and glued in just the right place over a water-colored ocean. There are metal insets traced and carefully filled with colored pencil lines. Pages that display parts of the frog are carefully aligned and stapled to form a book. Flowers have been gently scissored to precisely the right height for a vase. It’s truly a wonderful sight.

Montessori teachers know creativity starts with a well-prepared environment, mindful of how children absorb everything around them. Once an art form or material is put on display and related lessons are given, children are free to work independently, which means they are responsible for the idea of the work.

Our summer program aims to go deeper with creative works, introduce children to the elements of art, share famous pieces of artwork to inspire them, and beautify our classrooms—and all while taking advantage of the slower pace of summer.

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