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Our Blog: November 5, 2021

Create an Upcycled Turkey

‘Tis the season for turkey talk! We think it’s safe to say that, while wild and farm-raised turkeys certainly have their purpose, the turkeys of the craft world might win out in the cute department. Our newest craft is inspired by the November season and our ongoing obsession with colorful fall décor.

As you can see in our step-by-step video, this turkey is an easy one for all ages, especially those who have mastered the fine motor skill of scissor use! (If not, no worries, a parent or older child can help with this part.) The base for our turkey is an empty toilet paper roll, which gives its belly a curved edge and helps it to stand proud.

Grab the following supplies to get started:

  • Construction Paper (Fall colors recommended)
  • Turkey Template (.pdf provided here)
  • Cardboard Tube (Ex: empty toilet paper roll)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Two Googly Eyes

Now, it’s time to assemble your upcycled turkey:

  • Cut out each item in your turkey template. The printout provided includes the outline of a body, two rows of scalloped tail feathers, a beak, and a wattle (the bright red part of a turkey’s neck—you can learn more here, if you’re curious about its purpose).
  • Trace each item on the construction paper you’ve selected. We suggest a brown body, colorful feathers (perhaps red, orange, or yellow), an orange beak, and a red wattle. Feel free to get creative and create a turkey of a different flock with whatever colors you might have!
  • Cut out each of the five shapes. Have a parent or older child help, as needed.
  • Cut your toilet paper roll in half. This will act as a little stand for your turkey.
  • Make an extra cut halfway down the tube. This slit will hold the feathers up behind your turkey’s head.
  • Now, glue the shapes together to make a turkey. Watch the video again for assembly tips. Don’t forget to add your googly eyes!
  • Glue the turkey body to the front of your tube, then slide the feathers in.

Ta-da! That’s it, you did it!

Now, find a good place to display your turkey. Maybe it can even be used as the centerpiece while you gobble up your next family meal. (See what we did there?) We genuinely hope your handmade turkey inspires a nice conversation with your little ones about thankfulness and gratitude.

What are you most grateful for?