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Our Blog: August 14, 2020

6 Reasons You’ll Love Live Streaming

FB-WMG-PLABy late fall, each of our schools will offer parents the opportunity to watch their kids learn and play while in our care via live streaming! Simply log on to access the live-streaming cameras, any time throughout the day. If that doesn’t sell you on this great new offering, check out 6 additional benefits of this incredible app!

  1. Individual Accounts – No need to worry about booting off your partner when you want to login. Each parent or guardian receives their own unique account so they can access the program any time, anywhere!
  2. Clear Video – Video quality is crystal clear, so you can see your kiddo’s smiles, giggles, and “ah-ha!” moments, immediately as they happen.
  3. Real-Time – Whether you’re deployed overseas, taking your lunchbreak at work, or simply sneaking in a few minutes to check on your child, you can be assured that you’re watching your little ones in real-time. It’s almost like spending the day with them!
  4. Safety First – The software is encrypted and tightly controlled, ensuring privacy and security. Only parents or guardians are granted access to their children’s specific classroom video.
  5. Easy-to-Use – How simple is it to use? Download the free mobile app or visit the website to log on to access this window into your child’s day!
  6. Device Flexibility – Don’t worry if you’re not near a computer – you can access live streaming directly from any smart device! Simply download the free app and start streaming.