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Your School: Bethany Village Montessori

Bethany Village Montessori

15188 NW Central Drive
Portland, OR 97229
Call an Admissions Specialist:
855.351.2170855.351.2170 or Request a Call
Open: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Enrolling Ages: 6 Weeks - 6 Years
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Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Bethany Village Montessori School in Portland, OR. My name is Devinka and I am the administrative director. We accept children six weeks to six years old in our infant, toddler and primary programs.

Our complete Montessori prepared environment includes classrooms with materials that were designed by Dr. Maria Montessori to aid the development of each individual child. Our unique STEAM studio provides Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math lessons in a Montessori environment. 

We are proud of our beautiful yard where children explore nature and plant their own herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Our school is located in the heart of the Bethany Village area, close to Beaverton and Hillsboro and right off Highway 26.

We invite you to schedule a tour and to learn more about our unique programs at Bethany Village Montessori School. The best time to tour is between 9 and 10:30 a.m.

​Montessori Programs by Age

Make. Do. Tinker. Think.

Our authentic Montessori experience is enhanced by a STEAM Studio.

Featuring hands-on learning stations for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, the studio is available to Primary program students at least once a week.

  • Science lab equipment will include items such as salt, vinegar, popsicle sticks, glue, clay, straws, etc., for children to perform simple experiments
  • Technology learning experiences will be highlighted by tablets and educational apps
  • Art studio activities will incorporate natural elements (such as leaves) and will feature various modes of art; for example, pendulum painting

Ask the school director for additional details.

Electives Offered

Elective programs allow Montessori students to learn by exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future—while giving your family more free time on evenings and weekends.

We offer Spanish, dance, soccer, yoga and tennis.

Meet Our Staff

Devinka Peiris, Administrative Director

Years Experience: 10

Certifications: Association Montessori Internationale

Montessori education is my life's passion. Coming from a family of educators, I have worked in many Montessori school settings in Sri Lanka, California and now in Oregon. I enjoy creating a healthy, safe and joyous environment for educating the whole child in physical, emotional, social, cultural, and academic areas.

Meet Our Staff

Tammy Sorenson, Assistant Director

Years Experience: 17

Certifications: Montessori Educational Programs International

I have been a part of Bethany Village Montessori school since 2000. My favorite part about working here is getting to know all of our families and watching the children blossom and grow.

Meet Our Staff

Maria (Tess) Johnston, Primary Lead Directress

Years Experience: 14

Certifications: American Montessori Society, Oregon Registry Step 8.5

I thoroughly enjoy working with children and their families to create the best learning experiences for each and every child. When a child leaves my classroom, they are confident in their abilities and well equipped for their educational path. When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my two sons and my dog, Apollo.

Sorry, no photo available.

Meet Our Staff

Chitra Narayanan, Primary Lead Directress

Years Experience: 2

Certifications: Association Montessori Internationale, Oregon Registry Step 10

I am greatly inspired by the Montessori method of education. I really enjoy preparing and maintaining an enriched environment where children meet their interests and needs. I am also passionate about promoting the independence of each child and model positive social behavior filled with fun, love, respect and peace.

Meet Our Staff

Brenda Case, Primary Lead Directress

Years Experience: 36

Certifications: Montessori Educational Programs International

Many years ago, I was drawn to the Montessori Method of education because of the unique philosophy of nurturing the spirit of the child. I apply many “Montessori” theories to my own life, such as love of nature. My family and I love to camp, hike and explore the beautiful state of Oregon and its surrounding states.

Meet Our Staff

Lailah Kidd, Primary Directress

Years Experience: 25

Certifications: Montessori Educational Programs International

I love working with young children. I get great joy when teaching my students exercises in practical life that enable them to control and coordinate their minds and bodies. I like the use of concrete Montessori materials to help children learn language, math and sensorial concepts.

Sorry, no photo available.

Meet Our Staff

Laxmi Thapa, Toddler Lead Directress

Years Experience: 20

Certifications: American Montessori Society

I love to work with children and find it amazing to see my students become independent, respectful, and self-directed thinkers. I enjoy reading, cooking and nature.

Meet Our Staff

Janet O’Brien, Toddler Lead Directress

Years Experience: 17

Certifications: Montessori Assistant Teacher Certificate

I have enjoyed working with children for the last 17 years and find it to be very rewarding. Montessori is a great way to help children become independent thinkers and problem solvers. As a teacher, I am so proud to be a part of that learning process.

Sorry, no photo available.

Meet Our Staff

Krista Baggett, Toddler Directress

Years Experience: 7

Certifications: Oregon Registry Step 10

What I love most about working in a Montessori environment is guiding children to care for themselves and their environment. They gain independence even as young as 12 months old. In my spare time I enjoy reading and knitting.

Meet Our Staff

Brittany Pate, Toddler Directress

Years Experience: 5

Certifications: Preschool Specialization, Child Care Center Management, Child Development Early Intervention, Infant/Toddler Specialization

My passion for teaching formed when my mother had triplets. Their birth changed my life and since then I have always known that I wanted to teach and work. I love that Montessori promotes independence within children at a young age! It is very life changing to see what a young toddler can accomplish without the help of a teacher or parent.

Meet Our Staff

Brittany (Bee) Portillo Soria, Infant Directress

Years Experience: 10

Certifications: National Early Childhood Program Accreditation, Certified Childcare Professional

Working with the youngest children at Bethany Village Montessori and assisting them on their educational journeys is most certainly my passion. My other loves include the Oregon Coast, reading, embroidery, and spending time with my wife.

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