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Your School: Atascocita Montessori

Atascocita Montessori

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Open: 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Ages: 18 Months - 6 Years
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Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Atascocita Montessori School in Humble, TX. My name is Kathrina and I am the administrative director. Visitors to our Montessori classrooms are always impressed by how the children in our toddler and primary programs progress at their own pace, select their own work, and learn so much by direct, personal, hands-on contact.

Since our school opened, we have focused on providing the most complete Montessori experience possible. We have two toddler classrooms for children ages 18 months to three years and four primary classrooms for children ages three to six. We also offer several enrichment programs!

We strongly encourage families to participate in their child’s education through classroom volunteer opportunities and family events.

We would love to meet your family and show you our wonderful, authentic Montessori program at Atascocita Montessori School. The optimal time to tour a Montessori classroom is between 9 and 10:30 a.m. Schedule a tour today!

​Montessori Programs by Age

Electives Offered

Elective programs allow Montessori students to learn by exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future—while giving your family more free time on evenings and weekends. We offer:

Soccer, Music, Literacy

Make. Do. Tinker. Think.

Our authentic Montessori experience is enhanced by a STEAM Studio.

Featuring hands-on learning stations for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, the studio is available to Primary program students at least once a week.

  • Science lab equipment will include items such as salt, vinegar, popsicle sticks, glue, clay, straws, etc., for children to perform simple experiments
  • Technology learning experiences will be highlighted by tablets and educational apps
  • Art studio activities will incorporate natural elements (such as leaves) and will feature various modes of art; for example, pendulum painting

Ask the school director for additional details.

Meet Our Staff

Kathrina Gillespie, Administrative Director

Years Experience: 16

Certifications: Child Care Director‘s Certificate

I love the ‘magic’ of Montessori and enjoy watching children thrive in this environment. I am grateful for the opportunity to observe the joy and wonder on a child’s face every day.

Meet Our Staff

Cara Wilson, Assistant Director

Years Experience: 10

Certifications: CPR, First Aid

I have always loved working with younger children. I believe that Montessori can be beneficial in not only the education of a young child, but in their social and emotional growth. One of my favorite Maria Montessori quotes is “no child is too young to learn.”

Meet Our Staff

Leesa Tillman, Administrative Assistant

Years Experience: 10

Certifications: CPR, First Aid

I love helping children learn new things. In my spare time, I love to fish and crab.

Meet Our Staff

Vanessa Taylor-Owens, Lead Directress

Years Experience: 33

Certifications: National Center Montessori Education, First Aid, CPR

I was introduced to Montessori when I became an assistant teacher in 1984. I was determined to become more active in developing our future leaders as my love and respect grew for the Montessori philosophy. I received my Montessori certification in 1989. From that day on, Montessori has been a way of life for me through my marriage and the raising of my three adult children.

Meet Our Staff

Ana Ramirez, Lead Directress

Years Experience: 19

I have been working at Atascocita Montessori School for 16 years. It is amazing how our children learn to be independent and grow in their own way and at their own pace. It's so rewarding to watch an 18 month old child who is just learning to walk, start to speak in full sentences and become independent.

Meet Our Staff

April Huffman, Lead Directress

Years Experience: 15

Certifications: American Montessori Society, CPR, First Aid

I began working in the Montessori environment in 2001 and quickly fell in love with the Montessori philosophy. In 2006 I took my Montessori training and in 2008 I became the lead Montessori directress in the Aspen Room. I enjoy working to help your children grow.

Meet Our Staff

Hameeda Rajani, Directress

Years Experience: 12

Certifications: Association Montessori International

I was born and raised in India. I believe that all children learn and thrive in an atmosphere that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate for each child’s abilities. I also believe that “to teach is to touch a child’s life”. Every morning the smiles of the children in my class brighten my day.

Meet Our Staff

Chadrika Raythatha, Directress

Years Experience: 25

Certifications: Montessori Educational Programs International, Texas Teacher Certification

My favorite part of working in the Montessori classroom is watching the children work with the Montessori materials and observing them as they accomplish their task. I really enjoy seeing the satisfaction on their faces.

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Experience Montessori for yourself. Find your local school and plan a visit to find out if the authentic Montessori Method is right for your child.

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