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There are many ways to stay up-to-date with the latest from Montessori Unlimited on early childhood education, parenting advice and much more. The best part about joining our community is joining the conversation!




Parent Reviews

Diana B.

The first time I picked up the phone and called everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful, very professional. And the fact they actually had opening for my three kids and they had a schedule that worked for me since I work full time was a great match.

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Leslie P.

The diversity among the classroom was really a part of the curriculum, it was an unforeseen, unexpected benefit to the program. The children all come from – many of them come from very different family backgrounds and many of them are from different countries. And they develop very early an interest in others…

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Reema N.

When I walked in the atmosphere was very warm, very welcoming. I was greeted with open arms from the moment I walked in at the receptionist to introducing the teachers, the staff, everybody in every room. Then when I got to see a little peek of what was going on as far as the curriculum I felt really secure…

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