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What Families Are Saying About Our Montessori school in Naperville, IL

What Families Are Saying

The following are real comments from families based on their actual, firsthand experience with us. Want to read more? Visit independent websites like Google and Yelp, where many more families share their thoughts on every aspect of their experience.

“We are very pleased with Naperville Montessori. When we enrolled our son at 4, he didn't color, draw and could not hold pencils. Within months, he had caught up to his peers, and he was reading a few words at the end of his first year. After seeing how amazing the school is at directing him in how to think and learn for himself, we enrolled our 3 year-old so that she would have a full 3 years of the program. We are amazed at how much they have learned, not only academically, but socially as well. We receive many compliments on their manners and helpfulness.”
Jennifer and Jim W.
“Since our son started here, his independence and confidence have sky rocketed. There is no way that any other program could ever provide the level of activities, learning, and skills that Montessori provides. The teachers are the guides and the children are the leaders on the path to their unlimited potential.”
“Montessori is by far the best school my kids have ever gone to. We moved from Mexico to Illinois and my youngest did not speak a word of English. By the end of the school year, he knew more words in English than he did in Spanish. He is now reading and writing.”
“The teachers and staff are very friendly. The school not only supplies strong academic education, but also develops little ones' skills, such as social, behavior, communication, and how to raise questions.”
“Montessori teachers are committed to teaching children independence and academics as well as keeping them busy and interested. They are high quality, driven teachers. Montessori also offers flexible hours of operation for working parents, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities.”

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