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Montessori Primary Program

Montessori Classes for 3- to 5-Year-Old Children

Primary aged girl with golden beadsThe Montessori Primary program offers a unique, mixed-age classroom environment, for children approximately 3 to 5 years old. Here, children engage in individual learning experiences, as well as one-on-one interactions, which are integral to the Montessori Method.

As children get older, they tend to see things that adults find ordinary as very interesting and special. Practical life exercises like sorting, pouring, or washing dishes absorb them completely.

We recognize this as the beginning of control and coordination of mind and body. That’s why Montessori learning revolves around tangible, hands-on experiences.

Children use concrete materials to learn math; movable alphabet letters to explore language; and cubes, cylinders and other objects to categorize, find spatial relationships, and more. Practical learning experiences explore key subjects including:

  • Science and Nature 
  • Music and Movement 
  • Sensorial 
  • Cooking and Nutrition 
  • Cultural Awareness 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Language Arts 
  • Mathematics

In the process, children are discovering independence, confidence, and innovation.

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