Child's Age: 4
Program: Primary (3-6 years)
Grooming great values in tomorrow's citizens
"You are the best kid in the whole world" I said with a big smile on my face, to my son, who was holding my hand to comfort me during a terrible headache. "No Mom all the kids in my class are the best" he said looking in my eye. At the age when you would want to hear nothing but praise, I repeatedly see my son acting with modesty and restraint. That's when I realized what he has become - a mature, sensible kid with lots of respect for himself and others. My son who is now 4 years old has been in Aurora Montessori School #AMS# since 2011. We were very impressed with the school right from the first visit and were very confident of their ability to foster "love for learning" attitude in children. Its been close to 2 years in AMS and we are amazed by the way our son has evolved, not only in academics, but also as a fine human being. He is very kind to everyone and tells me often that every kid in his class is his best friend. Teachers and staff of AMS have the biggest role in imparting the children with great moral values. It is truly a reflection of what the teachers inculcate in the classroom. In a world of cut throat competitiveness and deceit, we are proud that our son is a reflection of honesty, diligence and empathy. And the true credit goes to AMS for shaping the future leaders of this great country to not just think of themselves but also about others around them. Affable, Moral and Sincere - AMS!!!
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