Child's Age: 4
Program: Primary (3-6 years)
My anxiety to my children's thrill & excitement
It was spring of 2011 and we are visiting from a small southern town to this mid-western city. Yes, we were planning to move to the area and wanted to preview options for our children - our twins then 3 years old. Principal Ms. K who runs the school meets us and gives a tour of the facility. One of the child plays with certain toys during the tour while other is interested in another activity. Ms. K tells us quickly based on her observations what their interests may be and how the Montessori experience would enrich and enhance it. This provided a very good first impression for us. Still I was concerned with one of my little one's "high-energy" behavior and how that might impact the peer group and teacher's ability to manage. I share my concern and Ms. K said 'we shall see how we can manage, but you should not be worried. I will keep you posted on how they come along'. After all these months of schooling, I can proudly say now that both our children have adapted well to their new environment. They truly enjoy the learning atmosphere, their teachers, friends and everything about their school (last week one of my children did not want to come home as I went about 2 hours earlier than usual to pick-up, strange but okay I guess). It is just phenomenal on how much they have learnt about a variety of topics - whether it is geography, history - mayflower and the pilgrims (Which I did not know much about), about the festivals, songs, many other classmates co-curricular activities and so on. The children have developed good life skills and education, but most important the polite manners and ability to get along with younger and older children due to their exceptional classroom experience. Both of us parents are totally happy with our choice in particular with Montessori education and what it has imparted to our children.
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