Child's Age: 3
Program: Primary (3-6 years)
A Sense of Compassion
Fall Festival
Leaves outside of her school.
One day when I was picking up my daughter from preschool she seemed really hesitant to leave. When I asked her what was wrong she explained that one of the boys in her class was crying. Miss T heard her concern for the other student and asked if she wanted to go back into the room to give him a tissue. My daughter walked over to the boy, gave him a tissue, a hug, and asked if he was ok. He immediately calmed down (as did the rest of the children in line with him) and nodded his head yes, they said goodbye to each other, and we headed home. What always struck me about this is that this is one of the busiest parts of the day: the half day students are getting picked up, the Kindergarteners are beginning their afternoon work sessions, and the nappers are lining up to go down the hall to the nap room. Due to it being really busy it would have been easy to ignore my daughter's concern, but Miss T did not. By hearing my daughter's concern and allowing her to go back in to console him she showed the importance of compassion. I also appreciated the fact that nothing was forced or coaxed, Miss T simply enabled my daughter to act upon her natural instincts giving her the confidence to use proper decision making both at that moment and in the future.
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