Child's Age: 4
Program: Primary (3-6 years)
Cinco Ranch Montessori...Like family!
In 2008, we were relocating to the Katy area and wanted to be confident that our children?s experience in early learning was safe and effectual. We decided to tour numerous schools and daycares in the area to insure that we were making the right choice. After an exhaustive search, we decided that Cinco Ranch Montessori would be the ideal school for our daughters. Over 4 years later, we couldn?t be happier. Two of our daughters have moved onto their elementary careers and immediately excelled due to their backgrounds at Cinco Ranch Montessori. We have one daughter enrolled with one year remaining. The teaching and care provided here is unmatched. The children bring home skills and examples of their progress regularly. Not to mention, the staff has become a second family to us. The same attentiveness and love that they show our children are also extended to the family every day and at the events held at the school. So in hindsight, we are very pleased with CRM. We have well-adjusted, independent girls that will never forget their favorite school!
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