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What’s Impressed You Most About Montessori Unlimited?

When making a decision as important as choosing a true, individualized Montessori experience for your child, a recommendation from another family can make all the difference. Hear firsthand what real families have to say about their experience at Montessori Unlimited.

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By: Nithya

“"You are the best kid in the whole world" I said with a big smile on my face, to my son, who was holding my hand to comfort me during a terrible headache. "No Mom all the kids in my class are the best" he said looking in my eye. At the age when...”

Celebrating diversity at CRM
By: Scotslass

“Cinco Ranch Montessori in Katy is the most incredible place. My daughter has been enrolled since Oct 2011 and enjoys CRM more each day. The school has such a positive and vibrant atmosphere, the teachers are beyond compare and they truly "get" my...”

By: parentof3yrold

“I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the school for the very high standards of cleanliness maintained. The school environment, the food given and the general atmosphere is outstanding for the kids. Its been close to 2 years since my son...”

By: Sherib

“My children have been attending West Montessori School at Copperfield since they were 18 months old. There is a loving atmosphere from the teachers and staff and is so appreciated by the children as well as my husband and I. The first time we...”

By: Janebetty

“When I told my son's teacher that he was going to physical therapy for toe walking she took it upon herself to ensure he was walking correctly while at school and came up with creative ways for him to walk on his heels. I love that my child's...”

By: Kate

“More than one experience, it's a melting pot of wonderful experiences. When we toured the school and watched a 3 year old serve the other children at snack time with tongs. At student for a day, I got to sit with my 4 year old and do the binomial...”

By: Steph01

“We started our daughter in Montessori at the age of 3. She had never been away from home before that time, so we were a little nervous. However, it was the best decision we could have made for her. Within a month of being in Montessori, she was...”

By: KatyFam

“In 2008, we were relocating to the Katy area and wanted to be confident that our children?s experience in early learning was safe and effectual. We decided to tour numerous schools and daycares in the area to insure that we were making the right...”

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