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Your School: Preston Ridge Montessori

Preston Ridge Montessori

3800 North Point Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30005
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Open: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Ages: 24 Months - 6 Years
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Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Preston Ridge Montessori School in Alpharetta, GA. My name is Carol Pittman and I am the director. We are a growing community of loving families and dedicated educators, all invested in providing the best Montessori education possible.

We serve fully potty trained children between the ages of two and a half and six. Our classrooms are each led by a certified Montessori Directress and an assistant. Myself and our tenured staff of teachers have 118 years of combined experience in Montessori education. In addition to our Montessori curriculum, we also offer many enrichment programs.

Our after-school program offers soccer, playball, art, ballet, Tumble Time and chess. The children in after-school are encouraged to enjoy outside play as weather permits in our beautiful outside learning environment.

We are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and participate in the Georgia Student Scholarship Program. Our school hosts several family events throughout the year and strongly encourages parent involvement.

We invite you to schedule a tour so that you can see for yourself all the things that make Preston Ridge Montessori School unique.

​Montessori Programs by Age

Electives Offered

Elective programs allow Montessori students to learn by exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future—while giving your family more free time on evenings and weekends. We offer:

Soccer, Music, Literacy

Meet Our Staff

Carol Pittman , Director

Years Experience: 35

Certifications: Association Montessori Internationale

After I graduated from Wake Forest University, I promptly became a public school teacher. I fell in love with Dr. Montessori’s vision after the birth of my two children and earned my AMI Primary certification. I taught for 15 years before becoming the assistant director at Montessori Unlimited elementary. Ultimately, I found my way to Preston Ridge and planted roots that have been growing for 14 years.

Meet Our Staff

Jamie Thayer, Assistant Director

Years Experience: 33

I am a Florida State University graduate who began working in child care in 1984. I began working in Montessori schools in 2014 and have three adult children.

Meet Our Staff

Paola Arteaga, Administrative Assistant and After-School Teacher

Years Experience: 1

I moved from Bolivia three years ago and began working at Preston Ridge last spring. Currently, I am working towards earning my degree in early childhood education. I love (and am loved by) the children!

Meet Our Staff

Rosa Obregon, Primary Assistant Directress

Years Experience: 14

I was born in Mexico City where I began my art career. I came to Atlanta 27 years ago to continue developing my love of art and Montessori. I have two Montessori children who are both in college and I believe that Montessori contributed to making them the beautiful, independent adults they are today. I love working with children and watching as they become increasingly happy and independent.

Meet Our Staff

Faye Hojati, Primary Assistant Directress

Years Experience: 14

I moved to Atlanta from Iran 33 years ago. I have worked at this school for 14 years and love watching the children grow. I have two adult children and one Montessori granddaughter that I love spending time with.

Meet Our Staff

Gayathri Shriram, Assistant Directress

I started my career in banking, but was drawn to Montessori by two aunts who were Montessori teachers in India. I am now pursuing my own Montessori certification. I am married with two children and passionately love contemporary dance, gardening, and all things Montessori.

Meet Our Staff

Melanie Danch Powell, Primary Directress

Years Experience: 20

Certifications: Association Montessori Internationale

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I became interested in the Montessori method and earned my AMI Primary certification. Even as a child myself, I demonstrated a love of teaching and children. I have a love for every aspect of science.

Meet Our Staff

Sandy Harker, Primary Directress

Years Experience: 18

Certifications: Primary certification from the Montessori Association of Florida, Association Montessori Internationale

I have been at Preston Ridge for 17 years! Prior to moving to Atlanta, I spent 18 years teaching in Miami, FL. I have been married for 43 years and have six awesome grandkids. My love of travel inspires my great love of geography and other cultures.

Meet Our Staff

Luz Cafferatta, Primary Directress

Years Experience: 25

Certifications: Primary Certification from Association Montessori Internationale

I moved to the United States from Lima, Peru and was awarded my Primary Certification from the American Montessori Society. For more than 25 years, I have made it my goal to take my love of children to children, and I aspire to see them grow into independent, responsible and compassionate adults.

Meet Our Staff

Maria Correa , Primary Directress

Years Experience: 12

Certifications: American Montessori Society

I was born in Columbia where I graduated from Medellin-Columbia University with a degree in social communication. I studied art for 10 years, received my AMS Primary Certification 12 years ago and have been teaching at Preston Ridge ever since. I love working with children and especially enjoy teaching them Spanish. I also love to travel, play tennis, and play with my dog, Mocha.

Meet Our Staff

Laurie Beauchamp, Primary Directress

Years Experience: 6

Certifications: American Montessori Society

I started my teaching career at Preston Ridge which is where I fell in love with all things Montessori. I received my AMS Primary Certification and have been co-teaching ever since. I have two sons and love traveling, dancing, and spending time with loved ones.

Meet Our Staff

Isaac Bear, Music Directress

Years Experience: 14

I enjoy introducing the joys of music to children and adults, especially those with wonder and curiosity.

Meet Our Staff

Salmi Navazeni, Primary After-School Directress

Years Experience: 6

I was born in Iran and graduated from Alamen TabaTabi University with a B.S. in mathematics and taught high school math. Currently, I am enrolled in college and am working on my early childhood education credential. I have two daughters, both who live in Australia. My love of children, and theirs of me, is obvious.

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Local School Phone Number: 770.751.9510770.751.9510 License #: CCLC-3045