Child's Age: 4
Program: Primary (3-6 years)
A Step Away From Traditional
We have been at Montessori Unlimited for about 7 months and the experience for us and our daughter has been nothing short of amazing. I had started my daughter in a traditional day care center in hopes that she would bud and thrive, that however wasn?t the case. She was unhappy and didn?t blossom within the offered program. We promptly removed her and while I was searching, and calling around to every child care center within 10 miles, I was told by a director of another center that is sounded like my daughter would do well in a Montessori environment. One quick Google search later I found Montessori Unlimited in Colleyville and quickly made a phone call where the director was friendly, informative, and eager for me to come in see what the Montessori experience was like. Thirty minutes later I was warmly greeted by Ms. K and was allowed to not only tour the school but sit in with the class that would eventually be the class my daughter would occupy and see what the children were working on. I was sold, the children were happy, the room wasn?t chaotic, and everything just felt right, however the biggest critic, my sweet baby girl, had yet to give her stamp of approval. The next day I walked little M in, she was hesitant at first, but eventually wanted to sit down and work with the puzzles. Ms. K sat with her, worked with her, till she was at ease enough to get up and move around the room without wanting myself or Ms. K to accompany her. We weren?t rushed, my daughter was allowed to explore at her own pace, and she was allowed to freely navigate her way through every part of the room. After about an hour I knew she would be ok with this school, that she would be ok with Ms. K and Mrs. S guidance. We started the next week and every day since then has been a blessing. My daughter is happy when we pick her up, she is eager to tell us what she did that day and what she learned, or what new friend she made, or what she did in after school enrichment. The communication from the school is remarkable, I always know what is going on at any given time, and if I ever want to know how little M is doing I know I can call or email and can be told exactly where she is and what she is doing. We drive quite a way each morning to attend, and plan on staying with Montessori Unlimited through Kindergarten and would say longer if it was available. For us it?s more than just a school, it?s another home for our daughter that we know we can leave her in and she is with good people and that she will be happy, healthy, and loved. And as a mother or a father that is want we want most for our children.
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