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Our No. 1 Responsibility: Your Child’s Safety

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At Montessori Unlimited, your child’s safety is our primary concern.

At Montessori Unlimited, our Safe ’N Sound™ security system allows our staff instant access to your child’s medical information, arrival and departure times, and the names of people authorized for drop-off and pick-up.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

To ensure children’s safety, all schools keep a file of names, addresses and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up each child in case of an emergency.

In the case of divorced parents, it is important that the registering parent indicate on the enrollment application who may pick up the child from school. A notarized custody declaration is required.

Injury and Emergency Procedures

In the case of an unfortunate accident you will be contacted immediately. If you cannot be reached, the administrative director will call the person you have indicated on the enrollment form to make emergency medical decisions about your child.

Every Montessori school also holds periodic emergency drills to acquaint children with evacuation procedures. These drills and practices are done so children will know what to do in case of an actual emergency.

Transportation Safety

Children who ride in school vehicles will follow strict safety rules: seated at all times, wearing a safety belt and always following staff’s directions.

Your Child’s Safety and Security

These safeguards are all intended to keep your child secure and are integral to the Montessori philosophy we practice. At Montessori Unlimited, we make your child’s safety and security our #1 priority. Visit us today and see the difference!

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