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Highly Trained Educators Who Nurture Growth

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At Montessori Unlimited, each of our teachers — known as directors and directresses — is trained in a MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) accredited training program. This means your child’s educator is highly skilled with methods for nurturing your child’s need to discover and grow.

Employing a vast selection of genuine Montessori materials, our directors and directresses help guide children along the path of true discovery. Our special, proven approach can help your child enhance his or her independence, inspiration and intelligence.

Instead of lecturing to a whole classroom, at Montessori Unlimited our directors and directresses spend individual time with each and every child, helping them discover their own unique skills and interests and making sure they are all equipped with a solid educational foundation. This rewarding and enriching method is one of the main reasons why staff turnover is so low at Montessori Unlimited.

There are no traditional ”grades“ at a Montessori Unlimited school. Instead, they closely follow a child’s progress, recording it in a daily journal. Through this and special portfolio projects, directors and directresses can twice yearly give parents a detailed account of their child’s progress and areas that need improvement.

You can learn more about your local Montessori schools, directors and directresses and classrooms just by using our school search tool. Or you can schedule a visit and just ask them! Our directors and directresses love what they do and would love to answer any questions you might have.

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