Montessori Classrooms

High Levels of Engagement in a Unique Environment

Boy playing with puzzle

Student work and family pictures on display. Children learning and sharing in small and engaged groups. Older children teaching younger children. Montessori teachers spending quality, one-on-one time with a child.

When adults first visit a Montessori Unlimited classroom, they're often astonished — both by the level of activity, and by how tidy and quiet the classroom is. The Montessori philosophy of allowing children to self-direct their activities encourages self-discipline, too. When children are truly interested in what they’re doing, it’s easy for them to become absorbed, and to absorb more knowledge.

This same philosophy extends out-of-doors at our schools, where children are encouraged to play, explore and learn, even working in gardens!

Lunch, Snacks and Naps

A nutritious lunch and snacks are provided every day. Menus include foods children love, but are also planned to meet children’s daily nutritional needs.

For naps, we provide a cot and personal blanket or bedsheet, which are washed or sanitized weekly. Your child is also welcome to bring a soft snuggle toy and a clearly labeled blanket that can be taken home for laundering.


Twice a year, we invite you to regularly scheduled formal conferences. But we also encourage you to discuss your child’s progress with us at any time during the year.

Come by for a visit to see our busy classrooms as children work on math, language, spatial relationships and more, using genuine Montessori methods and tools.

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